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My recent déjà vu

This weird thing has happened when I watched a Bates Motel episode where Norma and her brother Caleb sing a song from their childhood. A lovely song, actually, lyrical and lighthearted. And suddenly I had a feeling I knew this song very well but its melody filled my heart with crushing despair. Like something very sad was linked to this song. I've got quite emotional, actually, for no apparent reason.

At the same time, I clearly didn't know a word of this song and had no idea of its name.

Some lesser person, ha-ha, would've decided she heard it in her previous life or something mystical like that, and stopped at that. But not me! There's no place for mysticism in times of glorious Google!

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We are all Normans...

Finished watching all four seasons of "Bates motel" and came to the conclusion that the 1st season is the best of all four. In the first season, a storyline is like a tropical rainstorm, in the rest of the series - it's like a faucet dripping water.

Was thinking who I could relate more - to Norma or to Norman.
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Sudden revelation

It's Sunday afternoon, Kevin watches his hockey, I'm browsing the internet. It's been going like that for hours.

Suddenly, Kevin shows us in my room and asks "Feeling bored?"
I take my eyes from the laptop screen surprised with his question and answer without any thought "I'm never bored with myself, but only when I'm around other people".

And immediately I feel bad because it could imply that Kevin also comes into the "other people" category. Thank God, Kevin isn't sensitive and he has a healthy self-esteem.

My answer was a total surprise to myself, because I've never thought about that before. Really, I believe I'm the most entertaining companion for my own self.:)
life is a pain

diet is a joy killer ((

Kevin's New Year resolution was to start losing weight. Again. So I was tasked with elimination of any possible temptations that could distract him from his chosen course of action.

Fattening food has left the building. Christmas cookies packed the suitcases. Candies were banished forever. Fridge welcomed new tenants of "no quick snack" variety.

I'm not allowed to bake anything anymore just in case Kevin's willpower trembles by the sight of freshly baked loaf and his judgment is clouded by passionate desire to consume it immediately.

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a content thief

Some Advice To Middle-Aged Writers Who Wish To Make A Living Off Of Writing

Originally posted by theferrett at Some Advice To Middle-Aged Writers Who Wish To Make A Living Off Of Writing

Yesterday, Robert Jackson Bennett posted some pretty wise words for aspiring professional writers – advice that boiled down to “Get a full-time job, manage your career, and write part-time.”  Because writing full-time a) takes years to pay off, b) is uneven with the cash flows even when it does succeed, and c) lacks health insurance.

However, he was then asked: “That’s for kids in their early twenties.  What if I’m an old fogey?”

I am an old fogey, so let me speak.

I published my first novel last year at the age of 45 – I am now legally obligated to tell you that novel is called Flex, and Mr. Bennett was kind enough to read it and give it a nice blurb so I could sell it to people. I got serious about writing at the age of 38.

And yes, things are slightly different for you.

If you have reached late middle age without getting published in the ways you want, that’s likely due to one of two reasons:

1)  You suck at writing.

2)  You weren’t serious about writing.

The good news is, both can be fixed.

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one thing is certain

One thing is certain - major winter holiday parties like Christmas or New Year Eve should never be attended by a sane person if it takes a 7- hour drive to get to the party place and 3 days to live in a remote mountain village.

I had to pack too much staff I've never even had a chance to use at all but, of course, if I hadn't brought it with me, the chance would appear for sure.

I had to cook food for potluck and bring half of the grocery store with me because one can never be sure there are stores in a village, or if they are, these stores would be actually open, or if they would, there will be the groceries I need.

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another year started

Coming home from the New Year Eve party

me: I've got a feeling I'm surrounded by idiots!
Kevin: You're not the first woman saying this to me...
me (suspiciously): Who was the first then?
Kevin: My colleague, you know, the old maid one. She's also always critical about people around her.
me (after a few seconds of silence): Does she live with cats?
Kevin: She does have a cat.
me (with satisfaction): I knew that!

I have a feeling people are especially dumb when they're partying. I guess it goes with the territory. ))